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Whoever hath her wish, thou hast thy Will,
And Will to boot, and Will in overplus;
More than enough am I that vex thee still,
To thy sweet will making addition thus.
Wilt thou, whose will is large and spacious,
Not once vouchsafe to hide my will in thine?
Shall will in others seem right gracious,
And in my will no fair acceptance shine?
The sea all water, yet receives rain still
And in abundance addeth to his store;
So thou, being rich in Will, add to thy Will
One will of mine, to make thy large Will more.
Let no unkind no fair beseechers kill;
Think all but one, and me in that one Will.

— Sonnet 135, William Shakespeare

Please note that as well as being the short form of his name, the word “will” (in typical Elizabethan style) was a slang term for both penis and vagina. If you listen carefully, you can hear Shakey sniggering to himself across the centuries.

Happy birthday, you smug douchebag.

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I know Falcon’s suit is going to evolve and I’m hoping it evolves into red spandex,” he said. “I’ve been working really hard on my body and was very disappointed when I didn’t get a copious amount of spandex to wear while shooting this movie.

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Coffee Shop AU


Bucky probably has the vaguest recollection of this scrawny kid he used to know - always sickly. Probably tried some kind of new experimental drug that did wonders for his various ailments. Joined the army and now is known as ‘the guy with the arms and the face’ to most of the coffee-shop patrons.

Steve’s compassion and sense of duty probably lead to him putting himself at risk on countless occasions to save people where others had considered them already lost - earning him the nickname “Super Soldier”

Maybe Bucky signed up with him and the accident happened on a tour and he was shipped out of there looking like he wasn’t going to make it. Perhaps Steve got the wrong information and was told Bucky had passed away. Bucky went into rehab for his lost limb, but had suffered massive head trauma and his memory just didn’t seem to be returning. Not to mention a severe attitude shift with the loss of memories. 

He eventually is down to one PT session a week and they’re hard pressed to treat him for PTSD because he doesn’t seem to remember much of what happened to him.

He ends up working in a cafe called The Red Room - a popular student hang out. But his boss is an absolute tyrant and treats Bucky pretty poorly considering he knows Bucky can’t lose the job or he wont be able to afford to live. So he takes full advantage. The only upside is his co-worker Nat who is an absolute fire-cracker.

They were briefly romantically inclined, before moving to FWB and eventually back to just friends. Nat’s now seeing a guy called Clint - well Bucky thinks she is but they seem to be off as much as they’re on but there’s definitely chemistry.

Then one day, this hot blonde walks in and everything turns upside-down for Bucky.

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Anonymous asked: Would you discourage a current junior in high school from becoming a teacher? Or do you feel the benefits outweigh the negatives for a person who would like to teach?


I would discourage everyone from becoming a teacher. 

NO WAIT!! Hear me out… this job is thankless. No, really. The money is obviously not there, and I’m not even talking about lavish trips or even a trip down to the movie theater, I mean you will literally be living from paycheck to paycheck, if that. The educational system itself is ruthless and at this point probably even more savage than politics. The one thing that makes it all worthwhile is seeing your students succeed… but that won’t happen every day, every week, or every month. If they do though…. it’ll probably be years down the road and you may or may not know about it. Are there beautiful moments in the classroom? Absolutely. Do I enjoy teaching? Yes. Would I break my back for my students? I do. Every day. Even when they cuss me out, when they talk over me, when they sleep through class, when they just… won’t. But I would NEVER, EVER, EVER encourage anyone to be a teacher. 

Because the kind of person that has the strength, conviction, ambition, intellect, and passion needed to be a teacher…a great teacher… CANNOT be the kind of person that needs encouragement to do the job. It needs to be the kind of person that is ridiculously INSANE and maniacally ANGERED about the current state of our youth that they will do whatever is necessary to change their life…. despite people telling them to NEVER, EVER, EVER be a  teacher. 

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highhemlines asked: ok now you do hp :D :D :D
  • Push off a cliff: the dursleys. except maybe dudley. maybe.
  • Frick frack: viktor krum. dude is overlooked by fandom
  • Marry: um. neville longbottom, probably, because we’re both dorks and he’s so kind, and that’s one of the things i value most.
  • Set on fire:  umbridge. wow one of the few fictional characters that made me shake with rage
  • Wrap a blanket around: george weasley D_:
  • Be roommates with: hermione, obviously. we are nearly the same person. also i’ve roomed with someone who is a real-life hermione before, and it was awesome, so. there would be lots of books and tea and talking to each other about our research and marvelling at the stupidity of boys. 

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Dr. Mary Walker ”believed that tight corsets along with voluminous skirts and petticoats were unsanitary and hampered her medical practice. So she didn’t wear them: first sporting bloomers, then, midway through the war, abandoning those for a male surgeon’s uniform. She didn’t attempt to pass as a man; she was an obviously female doctor wearing a male uniform…. She continued to wear men’s clothing throughout her long life (she lived until 1919) and continually advocated for rational dress reform for women.”

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